Karl-Erik Norrman

Karl-Erik Norrman has served as Swedish diplomat for more than 30 years, working i.a. in Moscow, Beijing, Geneva, Rome and Seville, ambassador since 1989. Opera was always his passion and after voice training in Rome he got the chance in 1986 to work as opera singer (tenor) in Umea, Sweden.
In the 1990ies he was heading the Cultural Department of the Swedish Foreign ministry. In 2001 he founded the European Cultural Parliament, a unique forum for cultural personalities and since 2009 he is a lecturer at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, Berlin.

Over the years he has published more than 20 books on a variety of international subjects. Among recent books (in Swedish) are "The Meaning of Life?" (on the role of football), "The Germans" (A review: "All you need to know about Germany, and more…"), "The Downfall of Democracy" (A review: "A chocking analysis") and the novel "The Ivory Room" (A review: "Sex and crime in the UN - Yes, why not? A great thriller!"). Karl-Erik Norrman is married to German opera star Doris Soffel and lives in Berlin and Stockholm.

The Gala Concert

Karl-Erik Norrman